Polly's cemetery

       The community cemetery was established in the 1890’s by Polly Rodriguez on his ranch. He dedicated one acre for the interment of his family and community residents and is his final resting place. This historic cemetery continues to serve the community and provides solace and respite for all. Polly’s Cemetery is owned and administered by our Association. Currently, we are reorganizing and settling rules for interment, expenses and fees for plots. Additionally, in the near future, we will issue a request for proposal for management and perpetual care from community funereries. For information email us or call (210) 364-7096 or (210) 892-0135.


Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

Interment Fees will be $500.00 per plot. To purchase a plot, please contact Anna Lunoff at (210) 364-7096 or Vivian Cantu at (210) 892-0135.

Privileges for free interment will be allowed for up to and including 5th generation family members.

The cemetery is a community cemetery and is open to anyone wishing to purchase a plot.

Funeral homes must contact the association for any funerals prior to their taking place at the cemetery. Any reconstruction of existing plots or additions to plots must be approved by the association.

Plots may be purchased ahead of need, but may not be transferred from one party to another  

All rules and regulations are defined by Polly Texas Pioneer Association, any questions may be directed to us at the numbers listed above.