Polly's Schoolhouse Updates


If you haven’t been by recently, you will notice that topsoil has been placed and spread out all around the schoolhouse. We rented a “Bobcat” skidder which helped move and place 72 yards of soil. Later this year we will plant “Rye Grass” seed and fertilizer to help grow grass cover. Also, there has been additional landscaping and collection of debris.

In the interior, Mr. Karl Hayes is removing the old doors and is completely restoring the doors and their original hardware. He will then move on to restoring and replacing some of the old ceiling. After that he will proceed to refinish the old wooden floors.

Winters Electric from Bandera City has completed the first phase of electrical rough-in of wire and fixtures. Once the interiors are finished, they will return to install switches, plugs, lights, and ceiling fans.

On September 28, 2019, we will have a cleanup day to prepare for our scheduled Open House. We still need to cut some weeds, cut the grass and prune some trees. Also, we need to move some small desks to store over to the chapel storage. Plus, some dusting needs to be done inside. Come and give us a hand or come by and visit. 9 am to noon. If you’d like to help, volunteer using this form.

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